Wild Oats on Johnson Drive is Closed!

Wow, I read the article recently in the Kansas City Star laying out Whole Foods’ plans for the Kansas City area with regards to the opening/closing of the local Wild Oats and Whole Foods grocery stores, but I didn’t realize that they were going to be acting so fast! I stopped by the Wild Oats on Johnson Drive yesterday to pick up some Spelt Flakes and everything looked normal from the outside, but as I was walking in this lady says “I had to come back one last time” and I’m thinking to myself, “What the heck does she mean – one last time before dinner? One last time before Halloween?” But no, she meant before the store closed. It was open, but there were only a few jars of weird vitamins left. Even though it was nearly empty, it was packed with people looking for a good deal and saying their goodbyes. Anyway, I feel like this has happened very quietly and suddenly, so i just wanted to spread the news. Plan accordingly.  I hope they choose their new location and get it up and running soon. That tiny one on Main Street in Kansas City just doesn’t have the inventory selection, and the other stores are way out in the burbs. I hope they fill the void soon!