Retro Bloggers

Thanks for always coming up with something groovy, bon bon girls. I love the retro kitchens and baths they are always writing about. Saw in an older post that one of the girls has been house shopping recently- sure wish I could have helped her because I love clients that appreciate the old charm of the Dible Tudors. Napoleon Dible was one of the first and only builders to build homes especially with women in mind. His homes had colorful and feminine colors in the bathrooms and kitchen (think lots of pink, mint, yellows), built-in ironing closets, laundry chutes and so forth. It was a different time when kitchen appliances were still a new idea and becoming affordable for all. Some of my clients hate these original features and colors, but some absolutely love them – just depends on your style and how nostalgic you may be. I recently remodeled my bathroom and I stuck with the Dible style though I greatly toned down the colors to bring it into the modern times.