Victorian Homes in Kansas City and Beyond

Last weekend I had the good fortune of visiting one of my favorite little American towns, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Nestled in the steep hills of the Ozarks and built around the turn of the century – it became a popular tourist destination because of the “healing springs” it offered. As you walk around the town, you see remnants and signs of the springs and the “cures” this town became known for – what a hoot. It is on the National Register of Historic Places, and the entire downtown area is extremely well-preserved with many locally quarried limestone buildings dating in the 1800’s. I snapped a few photos of some exceptional Victorian homes. If you are looking for a Victorian in Kansas City, you will probably need to focus your search between downtown and the Plaza, though you can find homes a bit further south into the Brookside area with Victorian features. The historic Northeast, Dutch Hill, Westside and Hyde Park are full of them, and the plentiful “Kansas City Shirtwaist” homes are closely related to Victorians. Call me if you want to find one – I’d love to help you look.