Hiking at White Alloe Creek in Parkville

whitealloetrail5This seems to be an especially colorful autumn, so I headed out on a hiking adventure yesterday to take advantage of the blue skies, mild temperatures, and fiery autumn hues. Mistersnodgrass came along, with my solemn vow that I would return him home by kickoff of the Chiefs game (which I did). But back to the hike. We selected White Alloe Creek Conservation Area in Parkville, Missouri to explore. It has several trails that run through a forested, hilly terrain. The trails were in excellent condition, and seemed a popular destination for the locals. We saw several couples jogging the trails, and others just taking it easy and soaking it in. I don’t mean to make it sound crowded – it was still peaceful without feeling too isolated; it can be creepy when you are on a hike and don’t see a single solitary soul! We chose White Tail Loop Trail, which is a 1.3 mile hike through an urban forest. It travels up a steep hillside along a forested ravine and loops back down the other side along an old logging road. There is another trail with a waterfall, but we are saving that for next time.

Now that I know about this conservation area, I realize what a great asset it is to homeowners in Parkville. The access point is within walking distance of downtown Parkville, and we even saw homes in Riss Lake during our hike which back to the trail. Those lucky ducks can just walk out of their back door and hit the trail – I’m way jealous!

whitealloetrail1 whitealloetrail3whitealloetrail4 whitealloetrail2whitealloetrail6

Have you been to White Alloe Conservation area? If so, what are your favorite trails?

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Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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