Slow Sales for One Park Place Condos

opp.jpegThis article today in the Kansas City Star doesn’t paint a very rosy picture for the developers of One Park Place. Looks like the project has gone much slower than they planned, as have sales. They recently reduced prices by 30% on 12 units… Makes you wonder how those people who bought last year feel about their investment. I’d be a bit angry if I spent 30% more on the same product as someone else, but I guess that is the name of the game. Negotiate! Anyway, I do like the International Style building very much . It is an incredible architectural gem of Kansas City, and a very nice project with oodles of amenities. I hope sales pick up this year, not only for this project but for all condos. There is a large inventory of excellent projects and units for sale, and we could stand for it to shrink a little bit. Luckily, local forecasters do not anticipate a slower year than 2007, so let’s all hope for good things in 2008!