Sarah’s News in 2022

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I admit it, I abandoned blogging about the time I became a mother. I doubt anyone really noticed, but it is something that I enjoy and hope to make it a regular part of my week again now that my children are a bit older and I have more time. It’s such a great ritual – sitting, focusing, thinking, researching, writing. It is hard to create routines in real estate because a lot of what we do is different each day and often reactionary, so I appreciate the routine of blogging. I plan to continue writing about local homes, architecture, neighborhoods and decor, but I also plan to incorporate more gardening into my writing. Gardening is my passion and I’m involved in several local gardens around town, as well as my own kitchen garden.

New Home, Same Hood

Back in Spring of 2021, my husband and I bought a new home in the same neighborhood that we’ve been in since 2004. We loved our cute little two-bedroom starter house, but the walls started closing in on us with two children (plus, one of our littles was living in our basement). We realized it was time to go, so we luckily found a larger home just a few streets away. The new house is fantastic, and we are slowly making it more “us” every day. So far, we’ve completed several maintenance items and cosmetic changes; this year, we plan to add garden beds, complete an exterior drainage project, and make a few more interior cosmetic changes to personalize things. I will add before and after photos on the blog occasionally. It’s a wonderful home, and we feel so lucky to be able to stay in our favorite neighborhood for the long term.

Sarah’s Real Estate Team and Brokerage Explained

I work for Seek Real Estate Brokerage, with a company of broker/managers, colleagues and a teammate. I mostly work independently (and most all real estate agents are actually self-employed independent contractors), yet I have plenty of support when I need it. I had previously branded as the Storied Home Group with Seek Real Estate with two other colleagues, but we are no longer using that brand. Essentially, the three of us still work together at the same brokerage, but we are operating more independently this year. Before Seek, I was at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate since 2006; I made the switch to Seek Real Estate to work for Michael Pierce, a former colleague and industry leader who I admire greatly.

So that’s my news for now. Let me know if you have any questions about me, real estate, or anything related. You can use my contact form.

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