Sarah’s Brookside Garden Update

After a dry weekend, I set aside a few hours on Monday to dig up potatoes before the storms hit. What a huge, wonderful crop! And the timing was just perfect. Trust me, you do not want to attempt to dig up potatoes in wet soil. I’m pretty sure it is impossible. Here at the Snodgrass farm we are snobby about our potatoes. Much like eggs and tomatoes, absolutely nothing beats homegrown. They are extra tasty.

photo of potatoes
If I had to grade my garden this year, I’d give myself a B-minus. I had a fruitful crop of spring veggies and I now have a full, lush summer garden. On the down side, I haven’t kept up with the weeds like I should and they are voracious this year due to the rain. Because of the chronic rain and wet soil, I have been slow to plant from seed and still haven’t planted sunflowers or okra, and I’d love to succession plant more beans, cucumbers, zinnias, etc. I’m sure I’ve had chances, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

Do I have any mommy readers out there? I have a question… How do you garden with a crawler/toddler? It seems impossible.

photo of sarah in garden

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Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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