I Was Featured in a Backyard Farming Article for Realtor Magazine

I am delighted to share that I was featured in a recent issue of Realtor Magazine, a nationally distributed magazine published by the National Association of Realtors. The article, titled The Rise of the Backyard Farm, focuses on some of the challenges that real estate agents can face with the growing popularity of backyard chickens, beekeeping, and other small-scale agricultural activities. The magazine’s managing editor, Meg White, found my blog and asked if she could interview me for the story. We had a long chat about my backyard flock of chickens and vegetable garden, and how I work with buyers and sellers who are interested in pursuing the dream of having a backyard garden, flock of chickens, bees, goats, or other related hobby. She honed in on the challenges we face here in Kansas City with regards to all of the different regulations for each municipality and community. It was a fun interview, and I am happy for the opportunity to bring awareness about urban agriculture to my peers.

I love working with people who share my passion for fresh eating and home food production. If you or someone you know wants to live the dream, let me know – I can help. And, yes, the eggs do really taste better 🙂

photo of lady feeding four chickens

My backyard flock