Quick Tip! Homeowners and Home Sellers: Clean Up Your Leaves

Home ownership has many perks, but it also has a dark side… the chores. Fall cleanup can definitely feel like a chore; it always seems like the minute you bag the leaves, the wind will immediately begin to blow new leaves right back into your yard. But the show must go on, and you really need to clean them up – especially if your home is for sale. Clean them out of your gutters too or you could end up with water in your basement, which is a serious turnoff to buyers.


  • A maintained yard looks nicer
  • The leaves won’t gather and clog your storm drains
  • The leaves won’t suffocate your bedding plants or grass
  • Wet leaves can be slick and hazardous
  • Chopped-up leaves can go into your compost bin and be used as mulch


  • KCMO LEAF PICKUP: The City of Kansas City, Mo., collects up to 20 sacks or bundles of leaves and brush in the spring and fall. View schedule. My scheduled yard waste pickup day is this Thursday, Nov. 29, and, if you live in Brookside – chances are yours might be, too.
  • WEEKLY YARD WASTE RECYCLING SERVICES: There are several lawn services that do weekly pickup. We use Nature’s Rubbish.

    *Photo of my previous listing in Brookside/Waldo

About the Author

Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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