Kansas City Restaurants: Blue Grotto, Pizza 51, and More

So, as you all know, I wish I was a restaurant reviewer. I love food, cooking, and dining out in KC. I tried the new pizza place in Brookside over the weekend called Blue Grotto (couldn’t find a website for them – they need one!). There were things I loved about the pizza, and some things I might have changed, but overall it was really good wood-fired oven pizza. I loved the crust and the cheese, and the toppings were fresh and creative. The sausage pizza was outstanding – I think they make the sausage in-house, and boy was it yummy. I thought the restaurant was designed very nicely too, but the next time we go I think we will probably just get a couple of beers at the bar and share a pizza instead of getting a table.

Kansas City Lunch Spots wrote about my other favorite pizza place in the area, Pizza 51. I love Pizza 51, it’s my go-to place. It’s great to take clients when we are out looking for homes because it is delicious, casual, fast, comfortable, cheap, and because everbody likes pizza!

Noodletown writes about a new spot in Westport, The Foundry… I think I heard about this on the food critics, but I have yet to check it out. With a good report from Noodletown, I will definitely be adding it to my list of places to try!