Great Lunch yesterday

gillisHappy Gillis for lunch, Babycakes for dessert. What a way to spend a rainy afternoon. I knew about Happy Gillis from its origins as the Happy Soup Eater – the soup catering/delivery business, so I was expecting to have soup for lunch. There were probably ten sandwich options, but only one sad little soup option on the menu today – potato soup. It was delicious and obviously made with fresh, quality ingredients, but my expectations for soup were so high that I was a bit disappointed. Both sandwiches we tried were great and made with fresh artisan breads which I think can make or break a good sandwich. It is an excellent lunch spot, and I would highly recommend it.

After lunch, my friend Katherine, who was taking me out to celebrate my recent birthday, treated me to a strawberry cupcake with strawberry butter-cream frosting from Babycakes in the River Market neighborhood. They are a small little cupcake shop and bakery – great for popping in for a sweet treat, or you can call them for party orders. They had rearranged the store a bit since the last time I was there with more retail stuff. Besides the cupcakes, they were selling some drinks, cupcake stands and the funniest greeting cards I’ve seen in a while such as “Momma said there’d be days like this but she didn’t tell me there’d be this many!” As expected, my strawberry cupcake was delicious, although I’m not very discerning when it comes to cake.

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