Flying Saucer in the Power and Light District (and the Boss)

Last night my very generous and fun in-laws invited my husband and I to an evening downtown. First stop was the Flying Saucer beer & food emporium, then to the Sprint Center for three hours of non-stop fun with Bruce Springsteen. That guy is totally amazing – I couldn ‘t believe his energy and the crowd was loving it. Anyway, the Flying Saucer had been on my list of places to check out since I heard of its opening. As a German major in college, I excelled in Beer 101, so I love a good exotic beer joint. I think they have about 100 beers from all around the world on tap and many more in bottles, plus for the adventurous drinkers, they have about 10 very creative specialty beer mixtures (think black and tans). I saw a couple of those that I am excited to try, among other things. The wait staff seemed pretty overwhelmed with the concert crowd (18,000 people went to this show so the P&L was packed), but they handled it pretty well. We always had full beers and the food was pretty alright.

I have a condo for sale two blocks away from Flying Saucer. If I lived there, I think I’d be in big trouble.