My Year in Review – Life and Work in 2015

2015 was a very different year for me, but with change comes growth and I definitely grew as a business woman and a mother. I rarely look back or do these yearly retrospectives, but I am so glad that I did. It is too easy to get lost in the minutiae of the day and forget your accomplishments. In my photo gallery above, I included a few snaps of important things in my year.

Professionally, I had a great year. I was able to scale back a bit and restructure so that I could raise my baby while working with a partner agent. I was careful not to overcommit, and all of my clients were happy campers! I continued to improve my listing preparation/staging skills, and my listings sold FAST. I sold cottages, Cape Cods, craftsman, and mid-century homes – all great properties. My kitchen was featured in the KC Star, and I was interviewed for Realtor magazine.

On a personal level, it was somewhat of a quiet year as we laid low to raise the baby. We went on a few nearby weekend trips, and one trip to Florida last winter. We made several capital investments to our home such as landscaping and small repairs that we have been putting off forever, and I got a new car for the first time since 2001. I became a full-fledged Master Gardener, and continued to pursue knowledge about gardening and growing my own food. I hosted my annual fresh wreath-making party for the holidays, and I wallpapered my dining room. I also learned all about motherhood, mommy groups, play dates, things to do with kids in KC, and schools and daycares in the city. Oh, and I watched a lot of Royals baseball.

So what’s up for next year? I plan to work more, take some road trips in my new car (suggestions welcome), read more, write more, take a few professional classes I have selected, and continue to hunt down the coolest properties in KC. As 2016 approaches, I feel clear, accomplished and ready for what’s next.

About the Author

Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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