Wreath Parties and Wreath DIY Ideas

Did you see my quote in the Kansas City Star article, “Reinventing the Wreath” from Sunday? I think the combination of being interested in gardening, decorating and vintage items has led me to love wreaths.

Not those fake floral, shabby chic, country themed dust catchers, but wreaths that have a natural, modern, vintage, fresh, or kitschy look to them. They are fun to create, and are a great excuse to get together with a friend or throw a wreath making party as I do each December.

Wreaths are not just for Christmas anymore, they are adorning the doors of homes all year round. Here are just a few ideas for alternative season wreath ideas:

  1. January: Snowy wreath made of white felted balls.
  2. February: Valentines Day wreath made of dried roses
  3. March & April: Spring Easter Wreath with colorful eggs
  4. May: Living wreath with violas or wood violets
  5. June: Sunflower wreath
  6. July & August: Living succulent wreath for the hot, dry summer weather
  7. September: Woodsy branches, moss, dried mushrooms
  8. October & November: Harvest wreath with colorful dried autumn leaves (both great for Halloween and Thanksgiving)
  9. December: Christmas wreath (Duh!)

Photos: 1. Etsy 2. A scene from my annual wreath party 3. West Elm Wreath via alysefrenchphotographyblog.com 4. Etsy

About the Author

Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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