Winter Wreaths for your Kansas City Home

Does your house look as depressing as mine after the holiday decorations come down? It is strange how bare my home looks when it is back to normal and the holiday magic is gone. It always makes me think that my normal decor is inadequate, but then a few days pass and it all feels right again. I do, however, think it is nice to keep a couple areas of my home decorated for the winter season – primarily my mantle, outside flower boxes, and the front door. On my mantle, I generally keep the evergreen garland and pop in some pinecones for texture; down comes Santa, and in comes a vase or a nice stack of books. I remove the red bows from my flower boxes and fill them with evergreen clippings and pinecones. On the front door, I have a lovely frosted sparkly pinecone wreath that I think works well for the winter season. I love it because of the unique, teeny-tiny pinecones (hemlock pinecones I think), and I generally leave it natural, although if I were feeling spunky, I could add a fun ribbon to style it up.

I thought it might be nice to find some attractive winter wreaths for sale and share them here on the blog. Hopefully this inspires you to keep a little seasonal winter decor in your home. Winter wreaths are sort of tricky because you don’t want anything too green and lush, but you also don’t want anything tacky or too artificial. Natural is best, but go for something with a more subdued color palette which mimics our winter tones – colors such as gray, white, brown, or a dull green. Here is a roundup of some of my favorite winter wreaths from around the web. Bonus – many of them are for sale post holidays! These would also be great for staging a home that is for sale. Let me know if you need help with selling your home or staging – I’d love to help.

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1. Birch Wreath, Shop Terrain // 2. Songbird Wreath, Anthropologie // 3. Dried Herb Wreath, Pottery Barn // 4. Pinecone Wreath, Target // 5. Wood Snowflake, Etsy
wrapped birch bark wreath

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