Think Beyond the Tree – My Holiday Decorating Tips (and Pics!)

I love decorating my home for the holidays. I try to do something just a bit different every year to keep it fresh and interesting, but the principles that I follow are the same. Here are some simple tips to help you think beyond the tree when it comes to decorating your home for the holidays:

1) Define a color scheme, but choose your accent color first
2) Use fresh and natural materials
3) Mix new with old
4) Decorate inside and out

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Where do we spend 90% of our waking time in our home? The kitchen! So why not bring in a little holiday cheer? This little silver tree is my homage to the elusive retro aluminum trees of the 60’s; it looks perfect in my retro pink kitchen, especially when covered in colorful pastel glass ornaments. My hanging ornament above the sink is from the store Stuff in Brookside (Kansas City).

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If you have a prominent pass through or archway, don’t waste it! What a great place to add a beautiful garland, bow or ribbon.
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CBM CLNT 131202-Snodgrass(EVNT)-079Holiday decorating isn’t just for inside, you can decorate your exterior as well. Add a welcoming holiday wreath on your front door, and look for places to add pops of color and holiday style. My home has flower boxes, but you may have a big front porch that would look awesome with large planters filled with a holiday arrangement. Fresh evergreen works well in our cold winter climate, and often you can source it directly from your own bushes or trees for free. If not, hit your garden center or Christmas tree lot.
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Of course no home is complete without an old fashioned Christmas tree. We place ours by our bay window, near the fireplace. It makes for a charming winter scene. I always buy my tree at St. Andrews Youth Christmas Tree lot in Brookside. This year, we chose a Balsam Fir which is very fragrant and full (but has weaker branches), but I also like Noble Fir and Frasier Fir trees. I like to decorate my tree with a mix of old sentimental family ornaments and new accent colors and textures. CBM CLNT 131202-Snodgrass(EVNT)-268

Photos: Clear Bright Matter
Styling: Ladybird Styling

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Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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