Surveying the Downtown Kansas City Condo Market

I just realized that after many months barely even hearing the word condo, I am starting to hear about increasing activity in the condo market.

Agents in my network are selling and listing them, and we all seem to have a condo buyer right now – even me. It really is a change from the last few dismal years. Condo lending is still tight for those with limited down payments, but there are a few properties with strong owner-occupant ratios and hefty reserves that lenders approve. Below is a chart of condo sales by month for the last two years in Kansas City, MO from downtown to Brookside (click to enlarge). According to this chart, March 2012 is reporting the highest number of condo sales in last 11 months. It is a modest increase, but an increase nevertheless. I will plan to post an update to this in three months so we can see how the late Spring and early Summer condo markets fared.

About the Author

Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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