Retro Fireplaces Making a Comback? Vintage Preway spotted in Crestwood

A recent article in the New York Times magazine heralded the slick design of these retro fireplaces straight out of the ’70s.

Malm Fireplace by Design within Reach

I always get a jolt of excitement when I stumble upon one, though, to my surprise, I seldom see them. So how excited was I when I stumbled upon a family room with a vintage Preway fireplace in a traditional Crestwood/Brookside 2-story home for sale (pics below)? I was very excited and quite surprised. It was certainly unexpected as these are typically found in homes built in the 60’s and 70’s, which are more of the ranch and split-level style homes we find in areas a bit farther south, east and west, as you follow the development of our suburbs. This home has a family room addition out of that era, which explains the presence of the Preway. It is a playful addition to this traditional home. According to the New York Times article, there are two companies making new versions of this classic retro fireplace should you want to install a new one. Alternatively, you are always welcome to contact me to help you find the mid-century retro home of your dreams.