Pumpkin Patch News and Events in Brookside

Tomorrow is the first day of October, so the harvest and Halloween events are beginning. This Saturday is a free event called Pumpkin Patch for DeLaSalle from 10-2 at Brookside Park (56th and Brookside Blvd). There will be live performances, a pumpkin patch, pony rides and other fun activities the kids will enjoy. Seems like a nice little event. I plan to hit the Brookside Farmers Market, so maybe I will check that out while I am running around this Saturday.

In other pumpkin news, I saw that the Boy Scouts have begun selling their pumpkins at the Brookside “patch” just south of the Blue Goose along the Trolley Trail. They have such a great selection – I have always wanted to buy one of their weird gourds. I walked past today and saw two of the largest pumpkins I have ever seen in my entire life. If those suckers are weighed by the pound, I bet they will cost $100.

If these aren’t enough to satisfy your pumpkin cravings, I am guessing there will be pumpkins at the farmers markets this Saturday. It is the first Saturday of October, after all.

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