Pick of the Week – Stone and Stucco Craftsman Style Home in Brookside, Bold Ceiling Paint and a Reqest

The sellers of this home are regular readers of my blog, but I am, sadly, not their agent. These folks already had a strong relationship with their agent which is a wonderful thing, but that is not always the case. If you are reading this and you need a realtor, call me. I love working with people that share similar interests and passions, and I do want to hear from you.

I will be holding this house open on Sunday from 1-4. It is located on a great street in the Brookside area within walking distance to schools, shops, grocery, and the Trolley Track Trail (exercise trail winding through scenic Brookside). It has authentic Craftsman style architecture which is evident in the low-pitched roof lines, overhanging eaves, the stucco, the decorative timbers at the top just below the eaves, and the porch with the strong vertical (lime)stone support columns. I toured this home on Tuesday, and my favorite feature is a toss-up between the porch probably because I am longing for porch weather, and the foyer. It has a great welcoming feeling as you step inside and into this stylish home.

Readers, let’s hear it in the comments: What do you think of the paint on the living room and dining room ceilings? It is an unusual choice, and I like that they took a chance and did something different. I think it looks cool and bold. I am not sure what the current trend is with ceiling paint, but I know designers usually go with a lighter shade than the walls to give it an illusion of height and openness. What are your thoughts?

Front of Craftsman Home

Living Room

Dining Room

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