One Park Place Condos are Windy and Lonely


Did anyone read the Star Magazine story Sunday about One Park Place? It was a strange and pointless article about these two families that live in One Park Place and how they feel like they pretty much have the place to themselves. You see, there are only about 25% of the condos sold in this large condominium tower sitting high on the hill between Westport and Downtown, and many of them aren’t full-time residents so it is pretty empty most of the time. Maybe I missed something, but when I finished the article, I just thought, “Yeah, and…?”. How about talking about what is going to happen there if they don’t start selling more of them. How about talking about how you have to have a large downpayment to get a loan on a condo in a building with a low number of purchased units. Will the developer have to auction them out or can he afford to ride this out indefinitely? How can the building pay for all of those amenities with only 25% of their  homeowners’ association dues coming in? Just a few questions I have off the top of my head…

On a side note, I was discussing this article with a group of agents this morning and one lady had quite an interesting anecdote. She said she worked in the BMA building back in the day when it was an office building. I suppose the wind was on her mind because of our local wind advisory today, because she started telling us about how windy it was perched up on that hill. She said they had to completely relocate the entrance to a different side of the building because of it. Also, and this is the funniest part, she said they had rope pulls so you could climb to the front door of the building from your car without falling over from the wind. What???!!!

(Since my Jan. 08 post on One Park Place, not much has changed. Unfortunately.)

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Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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