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If you have been a home buyer in the last year or so, chances are you have utilized a mobile real estate app. These apps allow you to see homes in your general vicinity by pinpointing your exact geographic location and showing you all homes that are for sale within a certain radius around you. They are really handy for those times when you are out driving around looking at homes, and the more powerful ones can even show you open houses. Now that companies have ceased to print their open houses in the Sunday newspaper, this open house feature seems like a very useful tool.

My company, Prudential Kansas City Realty (now known as) Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, has created an excellent mobile app and I highly recommend it. It is just as powerful as apps such as Zillow and Trulia, but without the advertisements. The information is more accurate, and you won’t see those tricky realtor ads and mistake them for the listing agent.

default_iphone-1Top Reasons Why My Home Mobile is Kansas City’s Best App for Home Buyers:

  • My Home Mobile eliminates the hassle of searching for ‘open house’ and ‘for sale’ signs by showing you exactly where to find homes.
  • You can see the price, # of beds, baths, details and inside photos of homes for sale around you.
  • Want more information about a home or to arrange a showing? You have the option to contact me directly from the app.
  • My Home Mobile is designed to work on smartphones and tablet computers with touchscreen interfaces.

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About the Author

Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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