Many New Changes and Developments in Kansas City’s Brookside Neighborhood

All of a sudden, Kansas City’s favorite little charm-filled enclave of Brookside is growing and changing. New businesses are open and more will be coming in the months ahead. The development is found primarily along 63rd Street and includes new businesses, retail, restaurants, and two residential developments. I’m surprised it took so long for this part of Brookside to see a renaissance. Here is a quick list of new businesses and developments in Brookside:


1. 63Brookside

A new 23-unit apartment complex is currently under construction in the former vacant lot on the northwest corner of 63rd and Holmes. This complex, named 63Brookside, will be market rate rentals, and hopefully a great addition to the neighborhood.

2. Golden and Pine

Golden and Pine, a hip design and garden retail shop, to open sometime this year in that cool little mid-century building at the southwest corner of 63rd and Holmes. I have to say, I am thrilled that Brookside is finally getting a retail shop that is fresh and modern. Since I’ve lived here, just about the only shop I frequent is J’adore (and now Season and Square). *Tip: Follow Golden and Pine on Instagram.

3. Season + Square and Savory Spice Shop

Brookside now has two (yes, two) spice shops. While I’m happy to have them, I sometimes marvel at how even one spice shop could stay in business – it just seems so niche. My favorite is Season + Square; they have tasteful, modern design, artisanal products, hip small-batch Brooklyn-style goods and gifts, Kinfolk magazine and other design books, as well as spices and fancy foods in simple packaging. It’s my new favorite spot to buy gifts. The other shop is called Savory Spice Shop. I admit, I haven’t been in yet. It looks like a traditional spice shop you see in touristy areas, but I promise to check it out and report back.seasonsquarekinfolk

4. Brookside Gardens

Brookside Gardens, an event space, opens in the former Alanz theater. I had the pleasure of viewing the space at my annual homeowner association meeting, and it looks great. The developer did a thorough job renovating that sad old shabby theater. It’s a huge improvement! brookside_gardens

5. Heirloom Bakery and McLain’s Bakery

This is somewhat old news, but we now have two bakeries in Brookside. Heirloom Bakery and Hearth opened at the corner of Oak and 63rd Street last year. It’s constantly busy, so I’m pretty sure everyone knows about them. I love this bakery – you can get a light/fresh breakfast or lunch, but I usually just opt for the baked goods. They use locally sourced ingredients, and are creative with the offerings and presentation (think homemade blueberry pop tart, or strawberry mint scones). It’s lovely, modern, and tasteful. McLain’s Bakery offers much more retro or traditional bakery items (think danish, cookies, cinnamon rolls), and they are now serving breakfast sandwiches too. Both are excellent, and I love that we have variety to choose from in very walkable locations!
Heirloom Bakery and HearthIMG_9845

6. ANew Town Home Development Next to Heirloom Bakery

Word on the street is that there will be a new town home development next door to Heirloom Bakery. It will be upscale, modern, and simple in design. Construction should begin this year, and these will be for sale, priced in the low $400,000’s.

7. Unbakery and Juicery

Unbakery and Juicery opened in January. It is in that little 1960s A-frame building on the north side of 63rd Street. I think they’ve done a great job cleaning that building up – it looks way cooler than it did, and I dig that retro honeycomb facade.

8. plate. (restaurant)

A new restaurant, Plate, opened a few months ago in the former french flea market space next to Season + Square at 63rd and Oak. Plate offers modern italian cuisine, with a focus on fresh, seasonal, locally sourced ingredients in a made from scratch kitchen. I honestly haven’t been in yet, but I need to get there! I have high hopes for this place; it is owned by the couple behind Season + Square.

9. Blue Grotto Now Closed

Blue Grotto closed for business on Feb 21. Does anyone know what’s going into that prime Brookside space? I haven’t heard anything yet.

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Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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