Lakefront Homes in Kansas City

ski.jpgSo, you want to live on a lake in the Kansas City area. Can you build a dock? Can have a boat on it? What kind of boat? Are motor boats allowed? If so, are there speed restrictions? Boat size restrictions? Recreation regulations? There is alot to learn about what lake might be best for your needs if you want to live on a lake in the metro area. I recently had a client contact me that wants to have a house with a dock, and they want to water-ski. Their boat is 22 feet long. This ruled out all local lakes except for 2 – Prairie Lee Lake, and Country Lake. Country Lake is a small, private ski lake, and Prairie Lee is a public lake, but neither have anything for sale currently. They actually could build a home with a dock on Prairie Lee Lake, but I don’t think they want to go that route. Anyway, this request for lake front property led me on a voyage of discovery and I thought it smart to chronicle my discoveries. This is just a general reference, and deemed reliable as of Jan.08, but not guaranteed. Of course there are more lakes, but I thought I’d try to keep it condensed to mainly only lakes that have homes on them.

  • Lake Winnebago: Must be a resident, 20 foot boat size limit (28 for pontoons), can’t exceed 37mph
  • Lake Lotawana: Must be a resident, 21 foot boat size limit, docks allowed, water-skiing allowed.
  • Prairie Lee Lake: 180 acre ski lake, Public, docks allowed, 30 foot boat size limit, horsepower limit: 190 outboard, 165 inboard, I hear that there are different horsepower limits if you aren’t a resident.
  • Lake Jacomo: 970 acre lake for fishing and boating. Can’t find exact info on Jackson county website – but here is what I know… They have horsepower limits. I think it is really only for sailing and fishing and leisurely slow cruises.
  • Loch Lloyd Lake: Private, 110 acre lake, speed restrictions, no water-skiing, and I don’t think there are any docks. The idea is to have a very pretty, quiet, pristine lake.
  • Lake Quivera: Private, docks allowed, speed restrictions.
  • Lake Tapawingo: 22 foot boat size limit, docks allowed
  • Raintree Lake: 240 acre lake, docks allowed, fishing, high-speed boating, docks allowed, private, Motor boat: Twenty-one (21) feet, Other boats: Eighteen (18) feet, Pontoon boat: Twenty-eight (28) feet, Sailboat: Twenty-two (22) feet, 35mph speed limit.
  • Weatherby Lake: Boats can’t exceed 24ft, 2inches, boat motor can’t exceed 10 horsepower, members only, docks allowed.
  • Country Lake: Private ski lake.