Helpful Programs for Loans and Homeowners – Free Money!

Many people out there just do not take advantage of all the free money and government assistance programs that are available to them. It is rather difficult to find these programs, especially because they aren’t well-known or advertised and you pretty much need to have a computer to find out about them these days. But if you are buying a home and think you might qualify for an assistance program, be sure to talk to a few different lending companies about it – they all have access to different programs and you will want to find the one that best fits your financial situation. Also, there are a few city/county programs that can help you purchase a home or even give you money to fix yours up. One of my clients who bought a fixer-upper is currently enrolled in the HOME program, which is a Johnson County, Kansas program where the county pays to rehab your home with a loan that is forgivable after 10 years – specifically it is a deferred payment loan where 10% of the loan is forgiven each year for 10 years, with no interest. They are a young couple, still in school and not making a ton of money so it was perfect for them. Other options: