Foreclosure Hazards

sq.jpgSomething crazy happened to me today. I went to check out a home that is being sold by a bank – it is a foreclosure which means that the original owners couldn’t pay their mortgage and the home went back to the bank. It is a very complicated subject which varies state to state, so I won’t get into all of it (if you want to learn more, this wikipedia entry is a good resource).

When I set up the appointment to see this vacant home, I was informed that all of the utilities were turned off. This is fairly typical for a foreclosure, but generally they will leave the heat on or the electricity. Not this house. It was freezing. That wasn’t the worst part though. As I walk in, I see a weird outline of a figure in the window hiding behind the shade – it’s a squirrel inside the house! I freak out and run for the door, but then I pause and think how strange it is that the squirrel hasn’t moved an inch. I look at its poor little face and realize it is a dead squirrel. So, even though I’m totally freaked out, I decide to get a quick peek at the kitchen before I leave. As I walk toward the kitchen, I see another dead squirrel on the floor of the kitchen. That’s when I turn and run for the door. This place is full of squirrels, and I’m afraid that there might also be some live ones in there!

I have discussed the perils of buying foreclosures before in a previous post “Thoughts on Foreclosures” and how difficult these banks make the process, and I just had to share this story to illustrate my point. Banks just don’t make the best sellers.

About the Author

Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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