Five Best Houseplants to Express Your Personal Style

If someone asked me what my number one most important item in home staging/decorating, I would say houseplants. Houseplants play a crucial role in staging my real estate listings, and even decorating my own home. In this story, I thought I’d share some insights as to why I love to live and work amongst houseplants, and offer a few recommendations of trendy plants.

The Benefits of Houseplants
  • Inexpensive
  • Elegant, lively way to fill a space
  • Provide color and texture
  • Compliment all decor styles
  • Inoffensive, natural and neutral offer mass appeal

The trendiest plant of all right now is definitely the Fiddle Leaf Fig. It fits well into hip decor that is airy, colorful, and full of personality.
Next Up is the ZZ Plant. Its geometric, orderly structure fits well into modern, mid-century, and contemporary home and decor.
Succulents are all the rage as well. They have a simplicity and modernity to them, and they come in a range of interesting colors, sizes, and textures. I love to utilize succulents in staging because they can be planted in low, shallow bowls, and I don’t have to worry about care or water for extended periods of time. Another bonus of succulents is that you can use any sort of vessel as the pot. Have a weird collection of vintage glassware or bowls just laying around? Plant a succulent in them. These are also fun to plant in chic little groupings along a shelf or window sill.
Next on my list is the lovely, gentle fern. Just leaf through the pages of your favorite magazine or decor site such as Anthropologie and I’ll guarantee that you see a fern. They look great in just about any decor and all sorts of pottery – traditional to modern, but they are especially suited to a more funky, saturated, bohemian decor. Ferns can instantly warm up a space and make it feel like home. As much as I love ferns, I must warn you that they are extremely finicky. They thrive in humid, warm climates, and therefore make poor houseplants. Sadly, a staghorn and maiden fern both met their end under my care.
My last featured plant is the air plant. This is another finicky plant who thrives in warm, humid environments. If you have traveled to a tropical climate, then you will have surely seen air plants living in random places such as on the bark of trees. Air plants fit well into modern decor, and they can be placed in all sorts of interesting homes or terrariums. This is a good plant for creative people, and it looks very cool. Full disclosure, I have also killed an air plant (or two). airplant

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