Sampling Annedore’s Fine Chocolates in Westwood Hills

One thing I love about my job is the familiarity I attain of our different Kansas City neighborhoods. Not only do I learn about the homes, but often I get to explore the great shops and restaurants too. At this point, I pretty much have a favorite treat in every part of town. During one recent visit to Westwood Hills, I tried Annedore’s Fine Chocolates for the first time (5000 State Line Rd, Westwood Hills, KS). I sampled caramels, chocolate almonds, and milk chocolate; all were excellent. I didn’t taste the gelato, but I have heard it is fabulous as well.

I love the specialty designs of the chocolates at Annedore’s. The themed molds and packaging make them great gifts. The chocolates are available in many shapes and sizes, and there is something for every person or occasion. The designs cover a wide range of themes including sports, geography, holidays, occasions, and hobbies. I snapped a few pics to show you some examples. It’s a cute little place to stop and get something special for you or someone you love (or both!). FullSizeRender-1





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