Up and Coming Neighborhood in KC

This photo is taken at the corner of 27th and Holmes. I’m not exactly sure what to call the area – Dutch Hill, Longfellow, Hospital Hill, near the dental school, near Crown Center, Just off Gillham – take your pick. I have a fourplex fixer upper for sale on that corner, so I am there often. From the porch of my listing, I have a great view of the neighborhood which illustrates is diversity. I can see commercial buildings, gorgeous and well-maintained brick victorian’s, shirtwaist homes, other fourplex or apartment buildings, etc… The area feels very bohemian, with beautiful architecture and prices still within reach. In the photo above you see brick victorians and a brick building on the corner. There is a sign on the residential/commercial building on the corner – it looks to be for sale with Colliers Land Advisory Group, Charles Mussorici. I have long admired that property – it looks very cool and I’m sure it has great interior spaces. Because my husband works from home full time and I also do half of the time, I am always looking for interesting space for someone with a home-based business.