Guest Post: The Little Things Matter in Selling a Home

A guest post by Alice Lund, a current client of Sarah’s and Owner of Handyman Connection

I love reading Sarah’s blog, and as a current client of hers shopping for a new home, I asked her if she would allow me to write a guest post about a topic that is currently dear to my heart. It is important to do the “little things” to get your home ready to sell.

Like most buyers, I have a list of characteristics and features that are “must haves” in my next home such as size, location, and yard size. These are the non-negotiable items that I check off the list before ever viewing a house. Beyond that, there are other features that I would strongly prefer to find in my next house such as nice finishes, a good roof, updated kitchen and baths, and a great basement. If a house lacks one or two of these things, these are improvements I could make myself for the right house at the right price. Then there is everything else — all the little things I thought did not matter before I started house hunting. I prided myself on being someone who had vision and could see beyond bad paint jobs, cluttered rooms, sloppy caulk, and weird décor. And after looking at quite a few homes, I have a different opinion about whether or not those things matter. They matter. I now believe that I could be subconsciously detracted from a good house whose owner failed to do the little things.

As the owner of Handyman Connection, I know how much can get done with just a day or two of hard work and a handful of cheap materials. Fix those doors that won’t quite shut, paint that dingy bathroom, re-caulk your old tub, and for Pete’s sake clear out the clutter and store away those weird decorations only you could love. After all, a buyer only spends about 15-25 minutes in your home and that is a short time to make a great impression.

My advice for all those sellers would be to rent a storage space to store your personal décor, and hire a handyman for a day or two if you lack the time time or skill to do the little things yourself. Your realtor will provide you with a punch list of things you should do before listing your home. They are not being picky, they are being wise. Listen to them. The little things matter.

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Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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