A Sleek & Modern 1920’s Brookside Tudor is Sarah’s Pick of the Week

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Armour Hills Pick of the Week

My pick of the week is a sleek, Tudor-style home located in the heart of one of Brookside’s best-known subdivisions, Armour Hills. Listed at $510,000, this is one of the highest priced homes in the subdivision to date. Oddly enough, if you just hop over Wornall Road to the west, this would be an average price for a home of this size and condition, but such is the nature real estate. It’s all about location.

What I love about this house

Clean lines, simple decor, size, location, and meticulous attention to detail. Oh, and did I mention a second-story screened porch? I can just imagine chilling with a coffee or wine perched up in the porch among the trees, or watching an evening storm roll by. Sounds heavenly.

Original Features

With the exception of the kitchens and baths, the owners have let the original circa 1928 architecture of the home shine through with the preservation of original features like the moldings and floors. In addition, the exterior color and maintenance is stellar. A new owner would simply have to switch out paint colors and lighting fixtures to change the interior vibe.

(Listing credit: Better Homes and Gardens Kansas City Homes. Agents: Dan Kelley and Suellen Dice)