This Pristine Colonial Home For Sale in Brookside Has an Unusual Design Feature

I recently had the opportunity to tour a beautiful Colonial home in Brookside, and it left a lasting impression. Not only because it is a pristine and tasteful Colonial in an excellent location, but primarily because of its unusual entryway configuration. In my work, I see many traditional Colonial homes and I always admire their grace, ample natural light, and functional layout. The real estate agent for this property, George Fakoury with Reece and Nichols, told me this is a “Mount Vernon Colonial”, though this is a new term to me and I have not been able to find any reference to this style anywhere online. His label refers to the fact that both the front and back of the home have formal entry halls with the staircase at the rear. You can barely tell the front and back apart, inside and out. back colonial home photofront colonial home

The stairs, while generally placed before the front door, are placed before the back door in this home. It really tripped me up when as I was coming down from touring the second floor – I almost went out the back door to exit. I really can’t say that I had strong feelings about the stair placement; however, I do think it would be convenient for the family who would likely be using the back door to come and go. Guests generally have no need to venture upstairs, so why not place the stairs at the back where the family can use them easily? I have posted a few labeled images below, but you can also view the full listing and photos online. photo of interior stairway colonialliving room colonial

As mentioned, I could find no reference to the term “Mount Vernon Colonial” in my research of official architectural styles; however, I think it may allude to George Washington’s famous home, Mount Vernon. While larger in scale, the entry hall at Mount Vernon also stretched from the front to the back of the home with all rooms feeding off of the center hall, as is the case with this Colonial. The stairs face the front of the home at Mount Vernon, so I do not believe that the stair placement is the reference.

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