Pick of the week – 2 Downtown Townhomes

showimage.jpegRecently i have had the pleasure of seeing 2 very cool downtown properties. I liked them both so much, that I decided to write about them both instead of just one like usual. They are townhomes which means they have their own off-street entrance, as well as garages. I love these properties, and I think they are very practical and I love the way they offer more privacy – more like a house rather than an apartment.
My favorite townhome is in Columbus Park – in the River Market area. I love this area and if I weren’t already a homeowner in Brookside, I would want it. I love the River Market area – my favorite place to shop, the River Market Antique Mall, is there, plus you can buy your produce at the City Market, I could walk to my favorite honky tonk Harry’s Country Club, buy my cupcakes, visit a flower shop, drink coffee, and eat breakfast at Succotash every day… all within walking distance! Plus, you can hop on the riverfront trail for biking or jogging to work off the Babycakes and beer. And I can’t fail to mention my favorite form of transportation has a stop – the MAX bus. It’s just a very neighborly and fun area.
The other is a great townhome at Gillham Row. I love this area too – Dutch Hill, Martini Corner, Union Hill – very convenient. This is an “end unit” so it has outstanding views of downtown and lots of windows and natural light.

About the Author

Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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