Mid-Century Modest

There was a new phrase coined this year: Mid-Century Modest. The writer of one of my favorite blogs, Pam Kueber with Retro Renovation, wrote a mid-century modest manifesto giving credit and recognition to those modest, more affordable and mass produced mid-century homes, and she is featured in the video below discussing this new term.

I think she is really onto something here. Mid-century modern has become a very hot trend, and many homes are haphazardly lumped into this category when they are not, in fact, very sleek or modern. Also, many details are called mid-century modern such as metal cabinets, pink bathrooms, stacked stone fireplaces, horizontal windows – when they may also be found in a more traditional or modest home. Many ranches and split level homes from the mid Twentieth century share some similar construction and design details, but are much more accessible properties. For example, here are a couple homes on the market. The first is a stylish and authentic mid-century modern home designed and built by local mid-century modern hero, Drummond (the second interior shot is from a different Drummond for sale in Mission Hills). The other is a much more traditional ranch, but inside shares the modern characteristics such as aquamarine countertops, stacked stone fireplace with strong horizontal planes, and a completely retro-licious and perfectly preserved aquamarine bathroo

Drummond Mid-Century Modern, 1948

Drummond Interior

traditional ranch, 1955

traditional ranch fireplace

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