Home Sales Shoot Way Up in April

April 2010 Heartland MLS Statisics

The following statistics compare sales activity in April 2010 with the same time last year. Remember, this is positive news but do not expect this to be a trend. These numbers were greatly influenced by the rush to buy before the federal home-buyer tax credit ended on April 30. Early signs show that May is going to be much different.
Heartland MLS:
  • Sales: +19.5%
  • Avg. Home Sale Price +3.3% to $160,683

Johnson County:

  • Sales+35.64%
  • Avg. Home Sale Price -3.1% to $219,928
  • New Construction Home Sale Price +7.6% to $377,426
  • New Listings +34.23% to 1,694

Jackson County:

  • Sales +16.20%
  • Avg. Home Sale Price +1.36% to $116,906
  • New Listings +25.00% to 2,005

Clay/Ray Counties:

  • Sales: +27.51%
  • Avg. Home Sale Price+2.98% to $147,250
  • New Listings +20.88% to 770

Platte County:

  • Sales 11.88%
  • Avg. Home Sale Price: -9.60% to $174,151
  • New Listings +25.18 to 348

Article and numbers courtesy of Prukc.com. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

About the Author

Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves.

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