This Brookside Home For Sale in Oak Meyer Gardens Offers Modern Amenities Others Lack

6701Rockhill05While we love our old character-filled Brookside homes, so many of them are just missing those modern amenities that newer homes offer. For example, the bedrooms might be scattered on multiple levels, or there isn’t a real master bath, or the kitchen is tiny, or our garages are often detached – if we have one at all. Sometimes the biggest offenders are the closets – it is rare to find a walk-in closet around here. Well, this home I have listed in my Brookside subdivision of Oak Meyer Gardens (a.k.a Armour Hills Gardens) really isn’t missing a thing. The highlights:

  • Large Master Bedroom with Private Master Bath
  • Spacious, 2-Car ATTACHED Garage
  • Walk-in Master Closet
  • Large, Fenced Corner Lot with a Cute White Wood Picket Fence
  • Open Kitchen and Dining Areas
  • All Bedrooms Upstairs on the Same Level
  • Photo of House


    Photo of Yard with Picket Fence


    6701Rockhill34Check out the photos. You can see that it looks spacious, tidy, open, and updated – which it is! This home is located in my home subdivision, and is actually fairly close to my house. I hope this blog post helps me find some excellent new neighbors; if you or anyone you know might be interested in this property, click here to let me know.

    Oh, and incidentally, it really is quite a deal at the current price of $204,900. So far in 2014, there have been seven sales in Oak Meyer Gardens with an average sales price of $251,279. That would be quite a discount off the average.

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