Action-Packed Week in Brookside – Holiday Lighting Ceremony, Robbery and Ground Breaking

Brookside is filled with activity, so I thought I would do a quick roundup of what’s happening in a combined post.

  1. Tonight is the Brookside Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony. The tree is located at 63rd Street and Brookside Plaza. There will be refreshments, music by the St. Peters’ Children’s Choir, and give-aways. More details can be found on the Brookside Business Association website.
  2. McClain’s Bakery, which is now in its new location at Gregory and Grand, was robbed by a man with a toy pistol. The robber was immediately caught by police, who had been surveilling the business after the same man robbed them a couple of weeks ago. I was sorry to hear that McClain’s encountered such misfortune so early in their new location, however, it just proves how easily accessible this new location is. You can easily park, run in, grab a cookie, and make your quick getaway.
  3. This week marked the ground-breaking for Rockhill Greens, a new senior-housing development being planned near the former Baptist-Lutheran Medical Center. Upon the conclusion of the ground-breaking ceremony, the sound of bulldozers could immediately be heard beginning the process of razing five buildings along Troost at about 65th Street. I am excited for this new development to bring some life and energy back into a abandoned medical plaza with endless concrete parking lots and deteriorating buildings. Senior housing seems like a perfect fit for this land, which is adjacent to the current Research Medical Center’s Brookside Campus. Read more in this Kansas City Star article.