Top 10 Reasons to Live in the Neighborhood of Brookside, Kansas City

Here are just a few things that contribute to a high quality of living in Brookside:

  1. The Trolley Track Trail – Popular walking, bicycling, and running trail stretching six miles from Volker (UMKC) to 85th and Prospect. The trail exists along an old streetcar line.
  2. Parks – There are pocket parks all over Brookside, some in plain sight with the usual jungle gyms, kiddie pools, and tennis courts; but there are also hidden parks that are tucked away known only to the houses that back to them.
  3. The MAX and other bus routes – With the increasing cost of gasoline and the growing awareness of reducing air pollution, riding the bus is becoming a larger part of city living. The MAX is a rapid transit line stretching from the City Market to Brookside/Waldo. We love to ride it downtown for First Fridays.
  4. The Brookside Farmers’ Market – Your chance to buy fresh locally grown veggies, flowers, meats, and goods every Saturday in season.
  5. Shops, restaurants, bars and grocery stores – Everything you need is right here.
  6. Friendly neighbors and active neighborhoods –  Don’t be surprised if your neighbors turn out to be some of your best friends.
  7. Bikeability and Walkability – Trails, sidewalks, and close enough proximity to be able to ride to many places around town.
  8. History – Live in a beautiful, well-built home from the 1910-1940’s. Here you will find tudors, brick, limestone, stately colonials, craftsman bungalows and more.
  9. Scenery – Brookside is full of mature trees, statues, and fountains.
  10. Events – Brookside is host to popular events such as the annual Brookside Art Fair and the Brookside St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

limestone home with spanish tile roof